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Ashford University

Community Loudspeakers Make the Grade at Ashford University
In late 2010, Bridgeport acquired 128 acres of land from the nearby Clinton Country Club. Approximately 30 acres were slated for the University's new $4.6 million Soccer and Track & Field Complex. The recently completed first phase of the complex includes temporary bleacher seating for 500, with future plans to build a 10,000-seat stadium around the field. An integral part of the new Athletic Complex is a state-of-the-art sound system designed to cover the entire playing field, as well as the future stadium area. The system is based around Community Professional's R-Series weather-resistant loudspeakers. As Mark Van Hoosier of Davenport, IA-based Electronic Communications Systems (ECS) explains, the design challenge was to provide voice reinforcement for a 10,000-seat stadium, as well as controlling that sound to minimize reflections into neighboring residential areas.