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Football Field

Lighting Poles

The loudspeakers are pole mounted at least 25 feet above the back row.
The bleachers are assumed to be 20 feet tall.
Because the loudspeakers are mounted at a higher point, this system provides more even home seating coverage than the Football Field 'Press Box' design.
A single R2-52Z or R2-52MAX provides crossfield coverage.
Additional matching compact loudspeakers on the press box (Extra Coverage- red triangles) will help reduce artificial echoes. This can be added to either Option A or B.
One (1) R2-52MAX (visitor coverage) 
Two (2) R.5-96MAX (home coverage) 
Higher SPL and enhanced musicality for venues where the light poles are up to 240 feet apart.
One (1) R2-52Z (visitor coverage) 
Two (2) R.5-94Z (home coverage) 
Moderate SPL for use in venues with shorter bleachers and light poles up to 180 feet apart.

Three or Four (3-4) R.35-3896 (additional home stands coverage) 

Additional signal-delayed coverage of the home stands  helps reduce artificial echoes.



For maximum system performance and longevity, the loudspeakers must be properly powered to achieve the needed sound pressure level (SPL) in the listening area.


R.25-94Z: 400W to 600W @ 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R.35COAX: 400W to 600W @ 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R.35-3896: 800W to 1200W at 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R.5-66Z: 400W to 600W @ 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R.5-94Z: 400W to 600W @ 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R.5-99Z: 400W to 600W @ 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R.5-96MAX: 1200W to 1800W at 8 ohms per loudspeaker
R2-94Z: 800W to 1200W at 4 ohms per loudspeaker
R2-52Z: 800W to 1200W at 4 ohms per loudspeaker
R2-52MAX: 1200W to 2400W at 8 ohms per loudspeaker




To properly process, equalize and protect the loudspeaker systems, it is recommended to use the Community dSPEC226 digital signal processor.


Some amplifiers have built-in processing which may be adequate when properly programmed. Community's suggested DSP settings for R SERIES loudspeakers can be found HERE.


All of the loudspeakers referenced in this guide require a 24 dB per Octave electronic high pass filter for protection against over-excursion from bass-heavy program material.




When considering the distance between the amplifier and the loudspeaker(s), the following minimum cable gauges are suggested.


Less than 50 feet: 14 AWG
50 to 100 feet: 12 AWG
100 to 250 feet: 10 AWG
Beyond 250 feet: Please contact the Community TAG Team

It is strongly recommended that all loudspeaker level wire be stranded, twisted and never shielded.  Loudspeaker wires should not be connected to earth ground or supporting structures.




For technical and applications assistance, please contact the Community TAG Team (Technical Applications Group) at (610) 876-3400 or




To view the entire Sports Sound Loudspeaker System Design Reference Guide, CLICK HERE.