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Networked Loudspeaker Processor

More than just another DSP, dSPEC™ is an advanced, network-enabled loudspeaker processor that works well in single unit systems or in large, networked applications. dSPEC’s three models feature multiple EQ, delay, limiting and signal routing capabilities. In addition, dSPEC includes Uniform Response (UR) Acoustic Power correction. UR provides 1024 bands of low latency Finite Impulse Response (FIR) equalization that flatten the Acoustic Power Response of the selected Community loudspeaker(s) to a high degree of precision with audible results that are outstanding and demonstrable. dSPEC also provides a unique Amplifier Calibration feature that precisely sets dSPEC’s three discreet stages of limiters (peak, program & long-term) for highly accurate driver protection.

dSPEC’s Resyn® software is intuitive and easy to use. Start with network setup via Resyn’s Effortless Ethernet which automatically configures the network settings. Then, select from a library of Community loudspeakers and dSPEC assigns factory recommended lo-pass and hi-pass filters and equalization (including UR FIR filters) as well as protective limiters, phase compensation, bi-amp crossovers and more. Except for the Community-specific UR FIR settings, these features may also be manually applied for non-Community loudspeakers.

All three dSPEC226 models feature a fixed-chain DSP architecture for ease of use and quick and simple setup. Choose the 2 x 6 analog I/O model, or models with optional expansion cards that increase the I/O capabilities. Community also offers optional remote control accessories, for remote recall of dSPEC presets or for remote level adjustments.

With all of these features and capabilities, dSPEC provides an astounding improvement in sonic quality, unsurpassed driver protection, remarkable ease of use, and highly functional remote control capability—all at a competitive price point.

To Learn More about Resyn before downloading, click here.

dSPEC Downloads:

Resyn™ networked loudspeaker management software

(for Windows (64 or 32 bit): 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3 or greater) dSPEC/Resyn User's Reference Manual is included in the software download.

(If download files do not appear in your web browser, please use Internet Explorer.)

  • Optional volume and preset wall mount controls (RP4-LC1)
  • Amplifier calibration makes setting protections easy
  • Each output protects threeways: peak, program and long-term
  • Great Audio Performance including 115dB dynamic range
  • Uniform Response power correction FIR filters
  • Included Community loudspeaker DSP library
  • DSP features include EQ, crossover, delay and limiting
  • Resyn Software includes Effortless Ethernet Automatic IP Addressing - No networking knowledge required.
  • Networked DSP loudspeaker management system able to quickly optimize system performance
  • Simple yet versatile fixed architecture design with matrix input/output routing
Remote Preset-Level Control
RPS4 (discontinued)
Remote Preset Recall Switch
RLC1 (discontinued)
Remote Level Control