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Tunnel Emergency Notification Loudspeaker

The TT-1020 is designed to provide consistent intelligible emergency notification for enclosed linear spaces and other long projection applications. Precise pattern control and very narrow coverage angles deliver outstanding performance in highly reverberant environments.  

To meet the performance goals for long projection emergency notification, the system utilizes a single high power purpose-built MF transducer, ensuring accurate signal reproduction and very low distortion.  Community's proprietary 2" (51 mm) exit compression driver delivers high intelligibility at elevated sound pressure levels necessary to overcome the high ambient noise and reflective acoustic conditions.  This makes it ideal for road and rolling stock tunnels and similar acoustically challenging environments.  The large-format waveguide ensures precision directivity control throughout the entire voice band. 

Both the driver's inert materials composition and horn's fiberglass construction make the entire device resistant to potentially caustic tunnel-type environments.  All external hardware and mounting brackets are 316 stainless steel. 

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  • Intelligibility at very high output levels
  • Consistent controlled directivity and low distortion
  • High efficiency and high power capacity
  • Highly resistant to harsh environments
Model Specific Files