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Forecaster HD

Community’s Proprietary Fast, Easy-to-Use Distributed Loudspeaker Modelling Tool

Community’s FORECASTER HD Ceiling Distribution System Software is an easy-to-use engineering tool which calculates general design suggestions for distributed systems.

This free utility program helps select the proper model and quantity of Community loudspeakers for various distributed applications based on user input of room dimensions and listening height. Sloped listening areas and ceilings can also be modeled using the software, while projects and mappings can be saved, recalled and shared.

The user can quickly compare the loudspeaker type, density and layout pattern among different designs to achieve the required performance and goals of the sound system. FORECASTER HD also allows high resolution screen shots of loudspeaker layouts, direct SPL mapping and layout dimensional information to be easily exported for client presentations or for the installation team’s reference.

Check back often for regular updates. For additional technical assistance, contact Community’s Technical Applications Group (TAG) by calling 1-800-523-4934 or send an email to


Forecaster HD

Forecaster HD Tutorial

Current Version: 
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
What's New: 

Group Export New Feature:
Click one button to export SPL mappings of 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 1kHz-4kHz, 500Hz-6.3kHz, 4kHz-8kHz and project report to a folder.

File Menu Features:
Product Data File Upgrade Utility:  An option has been added to change the setup file location.  This option allows designers to update their FHD loudspeaker data (an updated setup.ddp file) when Community releases loudspeaker data files for new products.
Setting Menu Features:
Spanish (Mexico) and Spanish (Spain) Language packs are now included in the Settings Menu.
New Products Loudspeaker Data: DP8, C4, C4LP, C6, C8, CP6, CS4, CS6, CS8, R.5-66MAX, R.5-96MAX, R.15COAX, R.35COAX and R.35-3896.
Coverage Angle Options: 
Designers can choose from “Use Nominal Coverage Angle”, “Use 90 Deg. Coverage Angle” and “Listening Plane -6dB Angle”. This is a drop-down box located in the main window, right above the “Rotate 90 Deg.” check box. The new option, “Listening Plane -6dB Angle”, calculates the effective coverage angle based on the -6dB down point on the Listening Plane. This feature provides more reasonable design for loudspeakers which have very wide coverage pattern.
Loudspeaker Input Power: 
When the designer chooses a loudspeaker model in FHD, its maximum transformer tap power will be loaded. Alternatively, designer can turn the input power up to the loudspeaker’s low impedance maximum power.
Loudspeaker Layout Info Update: 
Loudspeaker spacing will be automatically entered into the Fixed Spacing input boxes, even if the Fixed Spacing option is not chosen. This helps the designer to quickly identify the spacing interval between loudspeaker locations to help more rapidly transfer the design into written specifications or system CAD drawings.